A surveillance system can help increase the protection of a home, business, medical office, apartment building or school. It gives the benefit of ease of mind to the people who own these facilites and is a great way of knowing when threats occur and being able to remedy situations quickly and remotely.

Who Needs A Surveillance System?


Families with young children appreciate the capabilities of a surveillance system. The added security it provides helps to protect any home against intruders, burglars, and other threats. Families sleep easier knowing that their home is safe from outside intruders including terrors young children are afraid of! If something unexpected happnes, or an intruder breaks in, a recording can help to identify the facial features of the intruder and help to recover stolen items.

Small Businesses

Even the smallest shops can benefit from a surveillance system to protect their building, employees, and information. They are a cheap way to deter theft and monitor the goings-on of a business. Surveillance systems help protect small business owners from inside risks and can identify employee dishonesty.


Children live in an age of fear where adults can threaten their safety in their learning environment just as easliy as school bullys. A surveillance system can not only protect the children from outside threats, but can also save them from school shootings, drug problems, and general misbehavior from other students. Wise parents only sends their children to a school which they feel will properly protect their children.

Medical Facilities

Medical facilities use surveillance systems to monitor patient happenings, visitors, and general hospital security. Protecting those within the building should be a target goal of all hospitals and medical facilities.

Large Corporations

A surveillance system is a must for all large corporations. Many large corporations are under the constant threat of break-ins, thefts, and embezzlement. Therefore, they use a surveillance system to protect their information as it could be catastrophic if it ended up in the wrong hands.

How Surveillance Systems Work

Although some surveillance systems vary in the way they work, most operate in a similar way. A camera records video and transmits it to a television or monitor which it can be viewed by an administator. The video is also converted into various formats using a DVR (Digital Video Converter) and the video can also be transmited though the interent through a PC or Smartphone application.

Security Camera

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